Past and Upcoming Trips

We are in the planning stages of our 2009 trips to Pearlington.

Check your calendars for the dates below to see if you can join us:
Presidents' Day Weekend, February 13-16
Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-25
Labor Day Weekend, September 4-7

The cost of each trip is $75 per adult, $35 for each youth accompanied by an adult.  You will need to provide your own transportation or let me know if you need to carpool (and help the driver pay for gas).  Any money left after paying for lodging at the church, meals, and building materials will go to purchase flooring and doors for Terry and Rita Breshears.  Any donations to help purchase flooring or doors for Terry and Rita would be greatly appreciated.  They are purchasing all of their materials from Lowe's and greatly appreciate gift cards.  After living in FEMA accommodations for 3 1/2 years, they are out of money.

In February, we will be working on the parsonage - preparing damage left by Gustav.  We hope to get it ready for a group from Whitesburg Academy to stay there Spring Break.  In February, we will stay at the First Southern Baptist Church and sleep on air mattresses and cots (bring twin sheets, blankets, pillow and towels).  Depending on what materials we can purchase prior to February 13, we hope to work on Terry and Rita's house.  They have laminate flooring installed in their master bedroom and living room (donated by a church in Pearlington).  They will need interior doors and trim installed in these two rooms (as well as the rest of the house).  Rita hopes to purchase some tile for the kitchen and the entryway by the front door this week.  I am sending her a $600 gift card to Lowe's from money that I have managed to scrape up here and there.  She also hopes to use the money to purchase carpet for the other bedrooms with this money.  They need framing built under the house so that a concrete pad can be poured.  They are having trouble with two sets of french doors that leak.  The original contractor (they had 3 builders take money and then skip town) installed the french doors, saw that they were leaking and boarded them up.  A church group has donated $5000 to purchase Lowe's kitchen cabinets or materials to install cabinets (Rob?).  Let's see how far we can make that $5000 stretch.  They were told that the house does not appear to be sitting properly on the pilings in the front and back of the house and is sagging.  A volunteer group is looking at that.

Carl and Donata Gipson are also still in need of kitchen cabinets.

Please prayerfully consider joining us for our February 13-16 trip.  We would love to have you join us.

Mark your Calendars - Possible Future Dates:

December 21 Pearlington Volunteer Christmas Party at Shea's Express in Huntsville
Dec. 29-Jan. 3, 2007 New Year's Eve mission trip to Pearlington - staying at parsonage
Jan. 2-6, 2007 mission trip to Pearlington - staying at parsonage
Feb. 15/16-20, 2007 Presidents' Day Weekend mission trip
March 17-22, 2007 Spring Break mission trip
May 25-28, 2007 Memorial Day mission trip
June 9-16, 2007 Community Changers in Pearlington - skilled group leaders needed

If you are interested in participating in any of these trips, please email

April 20-23, 2006

  • Bonnie and David Beard – Bonnie will be taking $4,000 that she raised for Hancock High School Band and Athletic Departments. Awesome, Bonnie!!!!
  • Melonie and Jared Hanson and Taylor Darwin
  • Ray Meyers – Ray is taking down furniture, a refrigerator, windows, doors, and a recliner for the man that Jon White told us about who needed one.
  • Jennifer will be in St. Louis on a Middle School Band Trip with Meg, but her heart will be in Pearlington.

May 26-29 – This is Memorial Day weekend, and school is out in Huntsville. Leave Friday morning 6:00 a.m., stay in the bunk houses on the field at the Distribution Center (or in your own tents), depart Monday May 29, Jennifer Johnson coordinator

Please let me know ASAP if you plan to join us on this trip. I do have spaces reserved at the Bunk Houses at the Distribution Center. I need to let them know the exact number of volunteers that are coming down. These are the people who have told me so far that they are going:

  • Keith, Jennifer, Meg and Emily Johnson
  • Nancy Jo Pipkin, Mallory and Madison
  • Janet and Ladd Lewis (Jean Pennington’s daughter), Vincent Bramble (15) and Zach Bramble (13)
  • Melonie and Jared Hanson
  • Don Smith
  • Jay Larsen, Pam Harnden, Danielle, Sydney and Taylor

June 26-30– John Long from the Madison Baptist Association will be taking a group of Ukranians from Pennsylvania. Several Willowbrook members plan to go with them. We will be framing a house for George and Margaret Ladner among other construction work. Staying at First Southern Baptist Church, Presbyterian Camp, and in bunk houses at the Distribution Center. More details to come.

July 15-22 – Madison Baptist Association, under the guidance of Rob Peavy and Ron Lynch, will send a crew of about 50-75 people down there to roof some houses among other things as well as do Vacation Bible School. We will continue working on George and Margaret Ladner’s house as well. One group will do VBS in the morning and then do construction work in the afternoon. Another group will be doing construction work all day. Staying at First Southern Baptist Church, Presbyterian Camp, and in bunk houses at the Distribution Center. More details to come.

August 29 – It has been suggested that we have a celebration here in Huntsville (a shrimp or crawfish boil) of all that has occurred since Katrina hit and how the people have not been kept down.

September 1-4 – Depart Friday, September 1, 6:00 a.m., stay at the First Southern Baptist Church, return Monday, Sept. 4; Jennifer Johnson coordinator

October 9-13 – Doug Merchant will lead a team down during Fall break. Staying at the First Southern Baptist Church. More details to come.

Previous Trips to Pearlington:  

#1 - Sep 23-24, 2005 Mark Javins, Ray Meyers, and Jennifer Johnson drove to the forgotten little town of Pearlington, Mississippi with a trailer full of much needed supplies. This was followed by a trip through Harvey, Louisiana to retrieve the Champagne Family furniture and a stop at Morgan City, LA for a visit with Mark’s cousin, Debbie and her husband Charlie.
#2 - Oct 13-15, 2005 Supply Drive for Pearlington with the help of John Malone, LITE 96.9 - Mark Javins, Lindsey Javins, David Javins, Ray Meyers, Jennifer & Keith Johnson, Emily Johnson, Bonnie Beard, Christina Barnes, J.P. Rogers, Stephen Langford, Damon and Keyoca Lewis, Stephen and Korey Burrell. We delivered 42 Care Packages to individuals and did surveys of the residents’ needs. We followed up with a trip through Algiers, LA to retrieve Damon and Keyoca’s furniture, and then the group split – half went to Lake Charles, LA for further debris removal at the home of Tom Javins, Mark’s brother; half went to Mandeville, LA and stayed with Dave and Mary Burrell.
#3 – Nov 11-13, 2005 Ray Meyers, Stephen Langford, Jennifer & Keith Johnson and Meg & Emily, Chad Cole, Eric Shull, Gina and Wade Glass – sheet rock delivery for First Southern Baptist Church; debris removal from George and Margaret Ladner’s yard and storage building and delivery of individual Thanksgiving Care Packages – “Thanksgiving in a box.” We worked in a trip to Mandeville, LA to retrieve the Burrell family furniture.
#4 – Nov 24-27, 2005 Stephen Langford, Stan Rowe, Mike Lawhorn – framing an outdoor storage building for George and Margaret Ladner

#5 – Dec 17-22, 2005

Photo Gallery for this trip.

24 friends from Whitesburg Baptist (names to be added when I get a complete list), Ron Lynch, Rob Peavy, David West, Anna Sue Edwards, Jennifer Johnson, Christina Barnes, Bonnie Beard – worked on the following homes: George and Margaret Ladner, Susie Sharp, Jaimee Hipps and Patrick O’Reilly, Sonny and Raquel Barnhart, Terry and Rita Broshears, Harry and Nancy Bell, Tommy and Janet Dawson. We also donated athletic equipment to the Hancock High School (HHS) and Hancock Middle School (HMS) donated by Grissom High School, Huntsville High School (HHS), and Huntsville Middle School (HMS). Books were donated to Charles B. Murphy Elementary School by the 3rd and 5th grade students at Jones Valley Elementary. A Christmas Care package was sent to a special family from the 10th grade girls at Willowbrook Baptist Church.

#6 – Jan 13-15, 2006

Jennifer Johnson, Anna Sue Edwards, Cynthia Hart – supply drop off of home and kitchen supplies to individual homes and the distribution center; first time to worship in First Southern Baptist Church with Dr. John Gibson

#7 – Feb 10-12, 2006

Stan Rowe, Clint Rowe, Wes Robertson, Patrick Motherway, Mike Lawhorn, Jason Beezley – worked on Eddie Ladner’s outdoor storage building to make living space; painted primer coat on Harry and Nancy Bell’s home

#8 – Feb 17-20, 2006

Photo Gallery for this trip.

Jennifer Johnson, Keith Johnson, Meg Johnson, Emily Johnson, Hallie Johnson, Sandy Newby, Don Smith, Rob Peavy, Melanie Hanson, Jared Hanson, Steve Cooper, Andrew Calvert, Doug Merchant, Evan Prince, Anna Sue Edwards, Joanna Darden, Chad Cole, David West, Amanda West, Wade Glass, Gina Glass, Sean Hawkins, Eric Shull, Blake Shull, Al Wintzell, Raymond Fennell, Mike McCoy, Jean Pennington, Bonnie Beard, David Beard, Christina Barnes, Bob Usher, Ken Temples - worked on the following homes: George and Margaret Ladner (wired, unsulated, put up plywood in outdoor storage building), Susie Sharp (painted entire house, installed showers and toilets), Jaimee Hipps and Patrick O’Reilly (tore out insulation, wired, cleaned old tile off of floor), Sonny and Raquel Barnhart (worked on wiring, insulated entire house, free sheetrock delivered by Baptist church), Harry and Nancy Bell (painted entire house), Tommy and Janet Dawson (sheetrock work), Tammy and Jeff Verden (cloroxed, wired and insulated entire house). Delivered hot water heaters. Delivered gift cards and household items to many, including Denee and Brett Breckley.
#9- March 18-22, 2006 March 18-22 - Jennifer Johnson, Keith Johnson, Meg Johnson, Emily Johnson, Hallie Johnson, Mark Johnson, Don Smith, Janice Smith, Melonie Hanson, Jared Hanson, David West, Amanda West, Mike McCoy, Jared McCoy, Steve Cooper, Nancy Jo Pipkin, Pam Harnden, Jay Larsen, Danielle Larsen, Taylor Larsen, Sydney Larsen, Cooper Sweatman, Ray Meyers, Brian Nalley, Diana Nalley, Liza Nalley, Joanna Nalley, Andrew Nalley, Lindsey Nalley, Kim Reisenwitz, Evelyn Reisenwitz, Haley Hash - worked on the following homes: George and Margaret Ladner (painted and put up a plywood ceiling in outdoor storage building, provided heating and air conditioning unit), Susie Sharp (general clean up, installed doors and other interior detailing, insulated attic), Sonny and Raquel Barnhart (painted brick on the outside of the house, worked on sheetrock and mudding), Harry and Nancy Bell (put up interior trim, finished drywall in bathroom, general clean up), Tammy and Jeff Verden (delivered tools, plumbing), Denee and Brett Breckley (wired inside of house, cleaned up dishes that survived the storm), Terry and Rita Breshears (tore down privacy fence in preparation for bulldozing house), Denise Moss (installed insulation, hung doors and windows, general clean up), Steve and Tara Kutz (debris removal from backyard – I got him hooked up with a plumber before we left town), Cindy and Raymond Diaz (insulation removal from the walls, debris removal to the street, we took his electric scooter to see if we could get it repaired), brought the OAK HARBOR letters home to clean them up.