Plans for upcoming trip weekend of September 4-7, 2008:

Update on our Friends in Pearlington:

Update: The church does NOT have water damage.  Not sure about the parsonage but volunteers can sleep in the carpeted fellowship hall on air mattresses.

Janet and Tommy did NOT have water in the house.  But the moisture did make the floors buckle in places.  Insurance will help them repair that.  There is power in Oak Harbor.

Carl and Donata did NOT get water in the top part of their house.  Not sure about their kitchen and FEMA cottage.  She said we can stay at their house as well.  They do not have power yet.

We have groups from Huntsville going down early Thursday, Friday morning and Friday after work.  Volunteers must be self sufficient.  Bring your own bottled water, air mattress, baby wipes (shower in a box), peanut butter and jelly, crackers, fruit.  We can use the kitchen in the parsonage.

Jon White has posted my response on the website below.  I will be driving to Pearlington early Thursday morning with supplies and workers.  As soon as more assessments are done (hopefully later today), we will know what is needed.  At this time, we are accepting gift cards from Lowe's, Home Depot and Wal-Mart.  We will personally hand these to the residents that we know will use them to purchase building supplies and to replace household items lost in the storm.  Keith will be at Willowbrook Baptist Church in JavaBrook Wednesday evening (Sept. 3) and in Sunday School Sunday morning (Sept. 7).  If anyone in your neighborhood, work, or on your email distribution list would like to donate gift cards, we can accept them or they can be sent to the Madison Baptist Association, 2318 Whitesburg Drive, Huntsville, AL 35801.  On gift cards, please write "Pearlington" on the "to" line.  Fill in the amount of the card so that they can be distributed evenly.  On the "from" section, feel free to write your name and address. At the very least, include the city and state where you are from.

We know that there is water damage in some of the homes that we have completed.  These residents will have to remove the bottom section of drywall in their homes and any insulation that is behind it.  They will spray chemicals to kill any mold that may begin to form.  Then they will replace the drywall, patch it with sheetrock tape and mud, sand and paint it.  Then they will have to replace flooring.

Other items that we will be collecting in the next few weeks in addition to gift cards to Lowe's, Home Depot or Wal-Mart:

dust masks, utility knives and replacement blades, 2 gallon sprayers, crowbars, heavy duty extension cords and extenders, reciprocating saws, heavy duty garbage bags

Thank you for serving Him,
Jennifer Johnson
BRICK Layers Huntsville, AL

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